EtherNet/IP Remote I/O Blocks with Both Short- and Open-Circuit Detection to Reduce Maintenance Down

Nov. 2, 2011

Omron has introduced EtherNet/IP Remote I/O blocks with both short- and open-circuit detection to reduce troubleshooting time and maintain productivity. The ERT1 series EtherNet/IP slave I/O blocks are available as high-density, 32-point, in-panel IP20 models with removable cage clamp I/O connections and power connections that simplify installation and servicing. Water-resistant IP67 rated, 16-point I/O models accept SmartClick and standard M12 connectors for I/O, power, and network connections. The ERT1 series remote I/O blocks have been conformance tested for interoperability with EtherNet/IP devices from a wide range of suppliers, in addition to Omron’s EtherNet/IP masters for CJ and CS series PLCs.

Enables Faster Diagnostics
The ERT1 I/O block detects shorts at the sensor and prevents the short from affecting the rest of the inputs. It also has LEDs to indicate which input or output is shorted, and I/O bits that alert operators when an input or output is shorted or open (broken sensor or broken wire to sensor). Each group of 16 I/O has its own power terminals and the communications module has its own power terminals, so the module can monitor if power to the I/O terminals is lost. The LEDs are yellow for on, red for shorted, red flashing for disconnected, and “off” for off. The short- and open-circuit detection can be enabled or disabled for each input/output.

IP20 EtherNet/IP I/O Blocks
• Simple, fast wiring:
Cage clamp terminals provide vibration-resistant wiring for short setup time and simple debugging.
• Quick to service:
Removable cage clamp wiring blocks, power, and EtherNet connectors enable fast replacement and less downtime.
• High density:
Small footprint saves panel space; 32 I/O, 24VDC, PNP--32 inputs, 32 outputs, or 16in/16out versions.
• Tag data links:
Multi-vendor communications using CIP messaging makes it easy to talk to Omron and third-party masters.
• Auto baud rate:
Provides simpler installation; automatically detects the baud rate of a connected switch.
• International approvals:
CE, cULus Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D.

IP67 EtherNet/IP I/O Blocks
• SmartClick D-coding M12 connectors:
The “click” after 1/8 turn confirms the watertight connection is good. This connector type is used for each I/O as well as the power and EtherNet connections.
• Tag data links:
Multi-vendor communications using CIP messaging makes it easy to talk to Omron and third-party masters.
• I/O power monitor:
The I/O block detects the field sensor I/O power and can provide fault status back to the master for easy maintenance.
• IP67 rated: For mounting directly on the machine, no panel is required.
• 16-point input and output blocks with M12 SmartClick D-coding connectors: These combine with Omron XS5W connector cables.
• International approvals:
CE, cULus.

The EtherNet/IP network can be configured using Omron’s CX-One Automation Software for master and slave devices on the network. CX-One configures and supports all ODVA’s CIP-based networks from a single software license without additional plug-ins.

For more information on Omron EtherNet/IP Remote I/O blocks, click here for IP 20 or here for IP67.