Multi-axis Module

Nov. 8, 2011
The multi-axis module CPX-CMXX is an intelligent technology module for synchronous and coordinated motion solutions based on the Festo CPX architecture.
The CPX-CMXX module is ideal for applications involving multiple individual axes or simple Cartesian kinematics (gantries).

Supporting up to a total of 8 axes (2 groups of 4 axes), both individual axis movements and multi axis synchronous or coordinated motion can be controlled via CAN bus. A variety of Festo drives are supported, which makes this module an ideal choice for a range of simple handling solutions.

Features and Benefits
• Synchronous and coordinated motion of multiple axes
• Compact multi-axis motion for both stand alone and decentralized systems
• Connectivity via a variety of field buses (currently Profibus, Ethernet IP & ProfiNet. DeviceNet and other field buses will follow)
• Smoothing of edges (rounded corners) for reduced cycle times and higher throughput
• Connectivity to a variety of Festo drives offering many creative handling solutions
• Simple and quick implementation using Festo Configuration Tool - no programming required, simply configure and parameterize

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