New Calibration Connector Links to Vent Port

Dec. 6, 2011
FasTest announces the VP Series connectors.
Designed for insertion into a transmitter vent port, VP Series connectors allow calibration without disconnecting an instrument. The vent port plug is simply removed and a connector is inserted and tightened in the field. By facilitating calibration directly on a transmitter’s bleed port, VP Series connectors save significant time otherwise required for removal, transport to a shop and reinstallation of the device.

Featuring a standard 1/8-inch NPT female termination port that connects onto the company’s FasCal hose assembly, VP Series connectors deliver simple, plug-and-play flexibility. The connectors are compatible with Rosemount®, Yokogawa, and other transmitters equipped with a 5/16-24 vent plug. Manufactured from heat-treated 416 stainless steel, VP Series connectors provide high reliability and long-lasting performance.

Providing an alternative when calibration is required or desired in the field, VP Series connectors eliminate the need for redundant systems—since they do not require a back-up device to be utilized while transmitters are uninstalled and transported to a shop for calibration.
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