Hyper Historian™ version 10.61 Receives Upgrades

Dec. 8, 2011
ICONICS, a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner of the Year and provider of Web-enabled, industrial visualization software for Microsoft Windows® operating systems, announced the release of its Hyper Historian™ V10.61 plant historian.
ICONICS Hyper Historian V10.61 is a very high speed, reliable and robust industrial data historian solution. It takes full advantage of the latest 64-bit, .NET-based computing technologies and numerous performance features. Hyper Historian is the first plant historian to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Certified for Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and include tight integration with SQL Server 2008. The software also fully leverages OPC-UA communication standards as well as a wide variety of other protocols for connecting to your existing infrastructure.

Hyper Historian version 10.61 offers the following enhancements:

• Powerful Performance Calculation Engine - Allows users to configure complex calculations that can be triggered periodically or on any data change event, using flexible new date/time, mathematical, string and historical data retrieval functions within the Expression Editor. Calculations can use scalar values, historical values, or string operations, along with a wide variety of functions within an enhanced version of the Expression Engine and results are calculated automatically on each trigger or can be recalculated manually on demand.
•  New MergeWorX Module - Tool for automatic or manual insertion of data into Hyper Historian, typically used for importing historical or log data from databases, other historians, intermittently connected field devices and other equipment such as PLCs. Provides for high resolution data merging from devices without taxing their communications capability and provides greatly increased reliability of capturing all data, even when network outages occur.
•  Optimized Performance/Improved Data Package Handling between the Collector and Logger
•  Standalone installation of 64-bit Hyper Historian Collectors
•  Support for CSV/Excel Formats in Import/Export Utility and Incremental Changes (Add/Modify)
•  Multiple Updates to the TrendWorX64 Viewer Component
•  UI Improvements in Various Workbench Configuration Dialogs

These features are complemented by:
•  Historical Logger and Collector Redundancy
•  Very High Performance Data Logging > 100,000 Samples per Second
•  Advanced SQL Query Language for Fast Data Access
•  Silverlight Real- time and Historical views and Charting
•  Web-based Configuration
•  Standalone Product (not bundled with GENESIS64™)
•  Web Licensing
•  Store and Forward Capability
•  WPF Trend Viewer and Charting of Real-time and Historical Data
•  Improved Data Collector and Data Logger Performance and Efficiency

"Hyper Historian is the first, 64-bit-optimized, real-time plant historian on a Microsoft platform that is robust, scalable, high-performance and enterprise-wide for industrial and building control applications," said Melissa Topp, Product Marketing Manager at ICONICS. "It has been designed to handle the most mission critical applications that demand the highest level of availability and delivers unparalleled performance with very efficient use of computing resources."

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