Dedicated Signal Conditioners

Dec. 14, 2011
WAGO Corporation has added six Dedicated Signal Conditioners to its JUMPFLEX® 857 Series Signal Conditioner and Relay family.
The value-oriented Dedicated Signal Conditioners (DSCs) support focused applications requiring conversion, isolation and/or amplification of just one signal type. Although the DSCs feature hallmark JUMPFLEX® traits, including benchmark-setting 6mm housing, they do not employ an on-unit DIP switch for signal conversion. This reduces upfront costs and streamlines commissioning.

Panel- and machine-builders utilizing a PLC, VFD or controls with a specific analog input may not require the flexibility of signal configuration. Within these often price-sensitive applications, the DSCs eliminate the need for grafting additional I/O to a PLC or an additional interface card to a VFD.

To ensure safety and reliability, the DIN-rail mount DSCs provide three-way isolation (2.5kV) and utilize CAGE CLAMP®S Spring Pressure Connection Technology. All DSCs provide the market's widest extended operating temperature range of -25°C to +70°C, and carry approvals including UL/cUL, ULex, CE and GL. In addition to supporting the industry-standard input/output signals in list below, select specialty signals may also be supported. Please contact factory for further information: [email protected] or 1-800-346-7245.

WAGO 857 Series JUMPFLEX® DSC Signals Supported:

• 857-411 - Input: 0(4)-20mA, Output: 0(4)-20mA
• 857-412 - Input: 0(2)-10V, Output: 0(2)-10V
• 857-413 - Input: 0-10V, Output: 0-20mA
• 857-414 - Input: 0-10V, Output: 4-20mA
• 857-415 - Input: 0-20mA, Output: 0-10V
• 857-416 - Input: 4-20mA, Output: 0-10V


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