New Liquid Analytical Sensor Wiring Guide

Dec. 20, 2011
Yokogawa Corporation of America is proud to announce the release of our New Sensor Wiring Guide, which includes all Yokogawa, designed and supported sensors and analyzers across the entire liquid measurement product line.

The Sensor Wiring Guide can be accessed directly from the internet by visiting the analytical home page at: There you will see an image on the right hand side tool bar for the sensor wiring guide.

We have also made it available for download for Android phones and pads thru the Android Online store. An iPhone and Blackberry version will be available for download in the future. Any updates will be posted into the app stores and on the internet however, they will be manual downloads. To download directly to your phone via the internet visit:

Below are some images of what the Application looks like. The Guide has the same look and feel as the online version with the ability to select different measurements without having to return to pervious pages.

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