3-Phase Power Measurement with UL 508

Dec. 20, 2011
WAGO Corporation's 750-493 3-Phase Power Measurement Module (3PMM) now carries UL 508. The drop-in module eliminates stand-alone monitoring components, cost-effectively supplying UL 508A industrial control panels with energy consumption and machine health data. Part of the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, the fieldbus-independent 750-493 also simplifies data integration into Ethernet-based energy optimization plans via FTP Technology.

750-493 calculates effective power and tracks energy consumption by measuring voltage and current to calculate energy consumption and power factor (cosf) at the incoming power source. Programmable via WAGO-I/O-PRO CAA software, 750-493 performs data-logging (down to a minute-by-minute basis per machine) and time-stamping. Via programming, the module can also support trending analysis via Microsoft® Excel, correlating usage data with utility prices. This creates opportunities to economize operations, e.g., aligning one production line or entire Motor Control Center with off-peak rates. 750-493 can also economize building automation by monitoring loading, balance and phase loss of lighting circuits and HVAC power lines.

750-493 maintains productivity by identifying increasingly energy-hungry machines. Rising power draws often indicate machine maintenance is overdue, or replacement is imminent. After identifying excessive energy consumption or instant/cumulative loading in motors, 750-493 can schedule maintenance or trigger pre-emptive shutdown.

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