Wall-Mount Enclosures for Networking and Industrial Applications

Dec. 22, 2011
Pentair Technical Products announces their expanded Hoffman brand line of PROTEK™ Wall-Mount enclosures.
PROTEK Series enclosures are designed to provide protection, support, thermal management and easy access to rack-mounted, 19-inch panel and other sensitive electronics. Available in a wide selection of sizes, materials and configurations, these versatile enclosures provide solutions for the emerging trend toward intermediate distribution frame (IDF) networks and point-of-operation industrial component applications.

PROTEK enclosures deliver solutions for applications where space constraints or aesthetics demand wall mounting to solve the application requirements. Standard models include a variety of sizes as well as single- and double-hinged door configurations. Single-door cabinets offer a cost-effective solution for protecting, securing and cooling a host of equipment, while double-hinged door cabinets facilitate front and rear access, reducing time to install and connect system components. Additionally, these models allow simple and speedy access for maintenance and upgrades. Models are UL and CSA Listed and available with solid or window doors, providing complete protection and a visual monitoring option.

Enclosures offer robust protection against water, dirt, corrosive agents and other contaminants, as well as industrial environmental challenges, including high temperatures, impact and security requirements. A choice of material options and ratings—now including stainless steel and NEMA Type 3R—are available to suit specific application requirements. Additionally, pre-packaged cooling solutions, including Type 3R fan and air-conditioned models, help protect sensitive components by maintaining the desired temperature in both indoor and outdoor environments.

"Hoffman has six decades of proven expertise in protecting vital electrical and electronic equipment in industrial and networking environments," said Brian Mordick, Senior Product Manager – Cabinets for Pentair Technical Products. "Our ruggedized enclosure experience coupled with our knowledge of data center cabinets makes us uniquely qualified to offer the industry’s broadest selection of agency-rated enclosures, meeting the converging demands of these applications and protecting and housing sensitive electronics in the most varied of environments."

Applications: PROTEK enclosures protect, house and cool sensitive electronic and electrical components in both indoor and outdoor applications, including:

• Remote/decentralized networking and distribution
• Wireless access points
• Remote servers and data collection points
• Industrial controls and computers
• HMIs
• Enterprise systems
• Distributed controls
• Production monitoring systems
• Building automation and HVAC
• Security
• Audio-video systems
• Telecommunications

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