New Ethernet Drive for Delta V

Dec. 22, 2011
MYNAH Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the FMC722 Ethernet Driver for the DeltaV Virtual IO Module.
This product provides a high performance integration solution between Emerson's DeltaV Process Systems and FMC Technologies Subsea control systems used in Floating Production and Storage Operation (FPSO) Oil and Gas Production Facilities.

This new driver uses the DeltaV Virtual IO Module (VIM), providing a native DeltaV IO interface to the FMC Topside Processing Unit (TPU). The FMC772 Ethernet driver provides a robust integration solution.

Key Features of the FMC772 Ethernet Driver:
• Support for read and write access to TPU AO, AI, DO and DI point tags.
• Simplex or redundant installations.
• Time synchronization from DeltaV to the FMC Subsea system.
• Monitoring quality of connection and automatically restarting communications when connection is lost.
• Auto configuration of the interface from the FMC SmartTool configuration export file. Once uploaded to VIM, this is stored in non-volatile RAM.

"Previous installations relied upon less dependable communication methods, putting operations in the FSPO Oil and Gas production facilities in jeopardy", said Nobin Williams, MYNAH's Vice President of Technology. "The FMC772 Ethernet Driver provides a quick implementation, along with a secure and reliable data connection, which is critical in preventing production downtime."

The FMC772 Ethernet Driver is available for purchase immediately.

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