New integrated industrial automation reporting capability requires no programming

Nov. 11, 2011
Software Toolbox launches “Dream Report” that simplifies extracting information from almost any data source and then deliver reports automatically to anyone, anywhere.

Dream Report is a real-time reporting generator solution, developed by Ocean Data Systems.  It is easy to use right out of the box and yet powerful enough to work effectively with professional databases, such as SQL Server 2005/2008 and Oracle with no programming or database development skills.  Such comprehensive functionality is due largely to the configurable end-user interface, which relies on user-friendly check-box configuration tools.  The solution combines five key functions to make it a convenient reporting solution for industrial automation: data collection; data logging; data extraction and analysis; report design; and report generation and distribution.

 A key capability of Dream Report is integrated web functionality.  Users can automatically publish reports via a secure web portal on the Internet or company intranet, providing a user-friendly, built-in interface for complete reporting project management.  Users also can browse reports, access entire report history, generate reports on demand, configure per-report user access, save reports locally and even print reports from a web client.  And, as an added convenience, no local installation of software is required on the user side making the web portal a pure thin client.

Aside from the powerful functionality of Dream Report, it is also a highly scalable solution for reporting within an enterprise.  The pricing and functionality of Dream Report makes it ideal for a wide array of projects.  It can be used for a unit reporting scope for performance and batch reporting to reporting at a factory site level.  When required, Dream Report is even able to combine information for a report from multiple databases into one consolidated site reporting system without duplicating the source data locally.

Dream Report complements the wide range of product offerings provided by Software Toolbox for industrial automation.  When combined with data acquisition solutions such as TOP Server, OmniServer and Cogent DataHub, Dream Report gains access to a diverse selection of automation information.  And FactoryWidgets from Software Toolbox provides a convenient means for real-time display of key reporting metrics right on a user’s PC desktop, including the ability to link directly to the web-enabled reports provided by Dream Report for a greater scope of detail.

“Dream Report is a valuable solution for consuming raw industrial automation data and turning that data into informative reports for making effective business decisions,” said Renee Sikes, brand manager for Dream Report at Software Toolbox.  “With the release of the latest version of Dream Report, Software Toolbox customers now have a powerful reporting solution at their fingertips that requires no programming knowledge, making it extremely easy to use and realize a timely return on investment, while also being very economical due to the high scalability of the product.  Dream Report is a versatile product that, when coupled with other Software Toolbox data acquisition products and visualization tools, provides companies with a comprehensive solution for monitoring productivity and operations.”

The latest version of Dream Report also implements user management, audit trails and version control for secure operations.  A new Runtime Management Console provides a single easy interface for managing reporting projects from local or remote machines.  Redundancy is also supported, making it possible to ensure the system is always available.

“Software Toolbox has outstanding market knowledge, experience and a solid industry reputation,” said Alexander Mazal, executive manager at Ocean Data Systems.  “With its unique customer approach, highly responsive technical support and key relationships, Software Toolbox is well-positioned to expand the market presence for Dream Report and increase customer satisfaction.  Dream Report is a good fit for the Software Toolbox product portfolio, working well with existing product offerings to provide an overall solution for the customer.”