Kepware Technologies Releases Three New Drivers in KEPServerEX Version 5.7

Nov. 11, 2011
Kepware Technologies, the leader in Communications for Automation, announced today that it has released KEPServerEX version 5.7. The three new drivers included in this release further Kepware’s goal of developing additional communications for the Oil & Gas industry.

The new Lufkin Modbus Serial Driver was developed to communicate with Lufkin Rod Pump Controllers, Variable Speed Drives, Injection Well Controllers, and Progressive Cavity Pumps. Oil & Gas wellhead SCADA applications and facilities can now rely on Kepware’s industry-leading communications platform to gather and monitor critical production information from oil and/or gas well sites. This release demonstrates Kepware’s continuing effort to provide reliable and intuitive products for the Oil & Gas industry.

Kepware also added the new Bristol BSAP IP Driver, which communicates with ControlWave Micro Series and Network 3000 Series controllers. It enables SCADA applications to communicate with all networked BSAP devices through the Bristol/IP controller. Because communications are handled through Bristol Babcock’s native protocol (BSAP over IP), the OpenBSI API is not required.

“Our customers have been requesting us to expand our communications offering for the Oil and Gas space for quite some time. Though we have addressed some of their requirements over the years, our current commitment to focus on this space has been an exciting initiative for Kepware. There is no greater reward than delivering products that solve immediate real world needs,” said Tony Paine, President of Kepware Technologies. “We still have additional features that we are working on adding to our platform and are evaluating additional protocols, so expect these efforts to continue into next year.”

The KEPServerEX version 5.7 release also includes several other noteworthy additions and enhancements. The new Alstom Redundant Ethernet Driver was created for communicating with Alstom Signaling’s new iVIP controller. The Weatherford 8500 Serial Driver received additional device support for WellPilot RPOC/ePIC, WellPilot VSD/ePIC, M2000, 8500, 8650, 8750, and 8800 series Rod Pump Controllers. The KEPServerEX platform and several other communication drivers received updates and enhancements. Kepware continues to focus on adding relevant drivers for the Oil & Gas industry, and to produce drivers for other vertical industries (such as Building Automation, Water and Waste Water, and Power).

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