Canary Labs achieves OPC Foundation’s UA Certification

Nov. 11, 2011
Canary Labs announced today that the Canary Enterprise Historian and Canary Trend Link products achieved the OPC Foundation’s UA Certification.

Certification provides assurance to end users that the stringently tested third-party products can successfully interoperate with other OPC Foundation member products providing end-users with impartial verification that the certified products deliver solid performance in a wide range of adverse operating conditions.  Based on the reputation of Canary products, Trend Link and Enterprise Historian will be included in the North American Test Lab as referenced test products.

Canary Labs has attended the North American Interoperability Workshop for 14 consecutive years to validate the interoperability of Canary products. Canary is also involved in the Compliance Working Group, which is comprised of OPC Foundation member companies to assist with the defined objectives, to provide transparency and checks and balances to ensure that Compliance remains credible and objective.

Canary is currently utilizing OPC UA technology to communicate information between remote mobile equipment and provide transparent tools to consolidate the historical data at the corporate headquarters.  This system collects data from the various trucks that are used in the hydraulic fracturing of drilled wells. The data is used to monitor equipment and operator performance for maintenance purposes and investigate problems and develop solutions.

There are approximately a dozen fleets in the field that consists of a Data Van and between 15 to 26 truck units such as blenders, pumpers, chemical vans and hydration systems.  From the corporate headquarters location the OPC UA technology will poll each of the Data Vans on a periodic basis and pull back any new data that has been collected in the remote Canary Enterprise Historian since the last successful communication.  The solution takes into account that the internet communications link between the corporate headquarters and each of the Data Vans will drop out at various times and sometimes for an extended period of time.

To simplify the data management, historical data at the headquarters office will be consolidated into a single dataset making browsing and finding the data associated for a single truck very simple.  Managers, technicians and engineers can access this data from the headquarters office and 3 regional offices.  Clients at each location can use Canary Trend Link to load trend templates, or quickly build ad-hoc charts to see historical and near real-time data, when available, making the source of the system data transparent to the users along with being simple and easy to use.

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