Multi-Camera Capability for Machine Vision

Jan. 24, 2012
Product Overview The XG-8000 Vision System, from the KEYENCE Corporation, adds a new product line of unique line scan camera models, a high-speed triple core processor and multi-camera connectivity.
Offering simultaneous operation of up to 8 cameras, ultra-fast processor speed and hardware flexibility, the XG significantly boosts production and inspection performance over conventional vision systems. OEMs, integrators and end-users, using XG's integrated development environment, with flexible hardware, powerful toolset, and intuitive user interface, can create ideal vision solutions quickly and easily. The need for time and expense of building custom vision systems becomes less necessary. Compatibility issues are eliminated because all hardware comes from KEYENCE.

Advanced High-Speed Triple Core Processor Design
A newly designed Triple Core Processor significantly increases production/inspection throughput over conventional vision systems. High-load data processing, from 5 megapixel area scan and 8K line scan cameras (capable of capturing 67 megapixel images), achieves ultra-fast performance through distributed processing across three high-speed cores.

Industry-First Line Scan Camera LEDs Display Intensity and Sharpness
Industry first, visual LED indicators, built into KEYENCE line scan cameras, display received light intensities and image sharpness thus simplifying this normally difficult and time consuming setup process. The right camera and illumination settings can be selected easily.

Remote, On-Line Programming and Editing
A new HMI touch panel adds another option to the different ways a user can interface with the XG. Users can now choose from direct handheld controller operation and remote desktop through KEYENCE software or VNC viewer, on top of the new HMI touch panel, to control the XG. With access to the XG in many ways, features like "Online Re-Test" can be taken advantage of by allowing users to make changes to the program without taking the XG offline.

Industry First Trace Log Function - Easy Troubleshooting of I/O and Signal Processing
Addition of another industry-first vision tool, the KEYENCE Trace Log function, offers powerful processing and I/O troubleshooting capabilities. Users can check and monitor the sequencing of in-process program units, I/O signals and commands. Processing time for each unit plus other information can be displayed and saved for reference or future use.

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