DeviceNet Communication Interface

Jan. 25, 2012
Invensys Operations Management has released its Foxboro I/A Series Fieldbus Module (FBM) 229, a DeviceNet Communication Interface Module that enables customers to exchange data between their I/A Series distributed control system and existing third-party devices, such as motor controls, variable speed drives and remote discreet I/O in a direct and cost-effective approach.
Product overview:
The new I/A Series Fieldbus Module 229 provides a reliable, high-capacity interface between DeviceNet I/O devices and the I/A Series DCS for data exchange without the need for costly gateways. The module saves engineering effort and time, reduces point of failure and provides a consolidated environment for customers to control and monitor their assets in one collaborative view. Additionally, it enhances the openness of the I/A Series DCS, providing interoperability with multiple device and protocols types from multiple vendors. With the Foxboro I/A Series system, customers can maintain their device and vendor preferences because the platform adapts to them.

Key capabilities:
• Provides reliable, native integration between DeviceNet devices and the Foxboro I/A Series system;
• Reduces equipment costs by eliminating gateway solutions;
• Improves engineering quality through template-based standards enforcement and re-usable designs;
• Increases productivity by re-using configuration parameters inherited from device templates;
• Supports all communication types and messages;
• Reduces field labor costs and configuration work;
• Accommodates users’ choice of instrumentation without restrictions on device types or suppliers.

Where to get more information:
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