COM Express Compact CPU Module

Jan. 26, 2012
Advantech, the leading embedded platform and integration services provider, announces the launch of SOM-6765, the latest COM-Express Compact CPU module.
SOM-6765 is powered by the super low power Intel® Atom™ N2600 and D2700 processors based on COM.0 R2.0 type 2 pin-out. Type 2 pin-out and legacy I/O support make for easy migration, and type 2 connectors are resistant to shock and vibration while offering high bandwidth, and high-speed data transmission. The new SOM-6765 offers ample performance with a focus on super low-power consumption and is suitable for a variety of handheld and portable devices.

COM R2.0 Type 2 Design with Total 6 Watt Power Consumption
SOM-6765 is one of Advantech's most pronounced low-power solutions, consuming 6 watts from a compact COM Express R2.0 type 2 module, specifically targeting customers looking for balanced performance and lower power consuming applications. The compact design (95 x 95 mm) is suitable for digital signage, vehicle devices, marine equipment, and mobile medical equipment.
Comprehensive Compact Module Design for Flexibility
SOM-6765 is based on the latest Intel® Atom™ dual-core N2600 and D2700 processors based on 32nm technology, which includes hardware HD decode and support for faster DDR3 1066 memory. SOM-6765 offers dual display output and various graphic interfaces such as LVDS, VGA, and even Blu-ray via HDMI. An improved DDI function gives more flexibility to media design without interfering with the original COM.0 R2.0 type 2 specification.
For expansion, SOM-6765 supports 2 PCIe x1, 4 x PCI masters and an optional 1 x PCIe x4 slot for performance demanding applications. There is a built-in Giga-bit LAN on board for network-intensive applications. SOM-6765 also supports 2 x SATAII, 8 x USB2.0, LPC, SMBus, I2C Bus, EIDE, and 8-bit GPIO. SOM-6765's wide range temperature capability (-40° C to 85° C) makes it super reliable so it can endure extreme environment requirements and applications. Compliant with Advantech iManager 2.0 (Intelligent Management Device) Advantech has evolved over time from a pure hardware vendor to helping customers solve problems during product development. Advantech iManager epitomizes this new approach by offering an embedded firmware that greatly enhances system reliability and provides users with an easy and stable (OS-Independent) way to manage onboard devices. iManager provides a valuable suite of programmable APIs such as multi-level watchdog, hardware monitor, smart fan, brightness control and more; all with user-friendly interfaces. Since this is a built-in solution on chip, iManager ensures functions operate even if the operating system fails, helping enhance system stability and compatibility, and reducing effort on carrier board design and platform migration. SOM-6765 will be available in January 2012. Please contact your local sales or visit the website ( for more details. SOM-6765 Features: • PICMG COM Express R2.0 type 2 Compact module • Built in Intel® Atom™ dual core N2600 and D2700 processors • Single 204-pin SODIMM up to 4 GB DDR3 1066 MHz • Supports 18/24-bit LVDS and CRT dual display, DirectX 9, OGL3.0 • 2 x PCIe x1, 4 x PCI Master, LPC, SMBus, I2C Bus, 2 x SATAII, EIDE, 8 x USB 2.0 • Advantech iManager 2.0 Advantech -

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