Software-Based Ethernet Interface

Feb. 7, 2012
With Bachmann’s MMS Client, the worlds of wind power and automation are coming even closer together.
Previously, the Ethernet interface to MMS-Client by Bachmann Electronic was mainly operated by SCADA and control station systems. The connection to a controller is mainly implemented using discrete data signals. Bachmann’s MMS Client now accesses the Ethernet interface and acts in a similar way to a fieldbus driver: It’s an exclusively software-based solution and does not require any additional special hardware.

The application program itself can be written in IEC61131-3 or C/C++. Bachmann also provides programming tools in order to ensure a simple connection of the MMS Client. The graphical test and diagnostics monitor in the device manager of the Bachmann SolutionCenter enables the communication to the peripheral device to be tested without any extensive programming required.

The open configuration interface of the MMS Client also enables typical wind power units such as meteorological masts, anemometers and monitoring devices as described in IEC61400-25 to be operated in accordance with IEC61850. Thanks to the open configuration interface of the MMS Client, devices compliant with IEC61400-25 and IEC61850 can be mixed as required in the network, since the basic communication structure is the same.

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