Barcode Scanner, Mobile Computer for Data Collection

Feb. 10, 2012
Wasp Barcode Technologies, a leading provider of small business productivity solutions, today announced the launch of the WWS450 2D barcode scanner with base and the DT10 mobile computer.
Designed specifically for small business owners, both products offer ease of use with fast and accurate data collecting features.

Wasp’s WWS450 2D barcode scanner series with base accurately reads 1D and 2D barcodes with its digital imager scan engine. Byplugging the USB adapter into a PC, the scanner can read barcodes up to 160feet away from the base by using wireless connectivity. Outside of the 160-foot wireless range, the scanner can hold up to 160 barcode scans in the buffer memory. Barcode data is instantly added to a spreadsheet, document or database, without time-consuming manual data entries or inaccuracies. The WWS450 is ideal for retailers, post offices, banks and utility companies.

Wasp’s DT10 mobile computer series provides fast and accurate data collection for inventory accountability, communication tasks and activity training. The lightweight, pocket sized mobile computer is built to withstand multiple 4 foot drops to concrete, and with an IP54 rating, it isideal for dirty environments and occasional exposure to liquids. The DT10 series offers three hardware options to meet specific application needs. Depending on the hardware, the DT10 can accurately scan 1D barcodes, allow for real-time transactions for applications on-the-go and allow for enhanced communication with employees and customers.

"Wasp Barcode Technologies is dedicated to delivering products that increase efficiency within the small business world," said Brian Sutter, director of marketing at Wasp Barcode Technologies. "We believe that our new series of products, the WWS450 2D barcode scanner and the DT10 mobile computer, will attract business owners because of the products’ ability to collect data quickly and accurately in diverse environments."

Features of WWS450 2D barcode scanner with base include:
• Read 1D barcodes up to 20 inches away and 2D barcodes up to 12 inches away
• Withstands 4’ drops to concrete
• Holds up to 160 scans in buffer memory should scanner be out of range
• Included base station charges WWS450 from desktop or can be mounted on the wall
• Supports up to seven scanners per base station

Features of DT10 mobile computer include:
• Works on Windows CE 5.0 operating system
• 128 MB RAM and 256 MB Flash
• 240 x 320 QVGA, TFT color touch screen and backlight
• 23-key keypad, includes 5-position joystick
• Integrated laser scanner for reading barcodes from 2 to 25 inches away

Pricing for the WWS450 2D barcode scanner with base starts at $695. The DT10 mobile computer starts at $949. For a complete solution, customers can choose from a wide range of packages with barcode scanners, mobile computers, barcode printers and software.

To learn more about Wasp Barcode Technologies, visit or call 866.547.9277.

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