Omron Launches E5CC Series 1/16 DIN Temperature Controllers

Feb. 24, 2012
Omron Industrial Automation has incorporated advanced precision and functionality in the general-purpose E5CC (48×48 mm) models to meet the monitoring and control needs of a wider range of processes.

With their large, easy-to-read displays, fast, simple set up, and 50 ms sampling period time, Omron’s innovative E5CC temperature controllers set new standards in the key areas of accuracy, user friendliness, and control performance. The compact units, which project only 60 mm behind the panel, easily install in thin control enclosures and cramped locations. The high-visibility display with large white PV display is extremely easy to read under most lighting conditions and reduces the possibility for human error.

Though programmable logic controllers and touch panels are commonly used to manage temperature control, the need to adjust temperature control settings creates a strong and growing demand for stand-alone temperature controllers to facilitate frequent adjustments. There is also significant demand for high-visibility displays to more easily confirm displayed values and settings in a variety of viewing conditions.

Excellent Control Performance

The E5CC series delivers accurate and responsive control usually found on advanced temperature controllers by using a fast 50 ms sampling time and Omron’s 2-PID control algorithm. This powerful and patented algorithm provides enhanced control stability that guarantees consistent product quality. For less demanding applications, the E5CC controllers also support simple on/off control.

High-Contrast LCD Display for Best Visibility

To enhance visibility, large white characters (15.2 mm high for E5CC) are used to show present value (PV). Viewing angle range and contrast ratios have also been enhanced with the new LCD so that the display can be read unambiguously from greater distances and in less favorable lighting conditions.

Easy Set-Up with Quick and Intuitive Operation

Auto-tuning algorithms and Omron’s intuitive CX-Thermo support software make setup easy. They enable fast parameter setting and straightforward device adjustment that also simplifies maintenance. A timesaving “digit shift function” makes it easier to adjust target values by setting each digit independently. Set up and operate the E5CC at a desk by connecting it to a computer via an optional USB communication converter cable, shortening time to commissioning.

Useful Added Functions and Features

To maximize their versatility, the controllers incorporate a range of new features. These include timer, heat and cool PID, and set-point ramp functions. These features are complemented in E5CC by up to three auxiliary outputs, four event inputs, transfer outputs, and remote set-point inputs from external devices. Where multiple general-purpose controller units had been required to bring these features together, this single controller incorporates all these capabilities, contributing to maintenance and inventory management efficiency.

For further information and specifications on E5CC Series 1/16 DIN temperature controllers, click here.