Get Real-Time Data in ERP Systems

Feb. 21, 2012
Acsis, Inc., today announced new releases of Acsis ProducTrak, a suite of data collection and task management software that adds functionality to major ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, and J. D. Edwards.
Acsis ProducTrak brings real-time connectivity to every point in the supply chain, from incoming materials, through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

"In addition, our new cloud-based strategy enhances the ability to track and report on all supply chain activities and events from any location for a complete end-to-end visibility solution"

Acsis ProducTrak accomplishes this by providing the one thing that's missing from the typical multi-million dollar ERP system - namely, the infrastructure to manage any number of data collection points (e.g., label scanners, PLCs, label printers, and a host of other real-time devices) right there where the action is, on the shop floor and in the warehouse. The best news of all: it delivers robust "shop-floor to top-floor" connectivity with limited impact on the IT department and for a fraction of the cost of implementing other IT and ERP systems.

With Acsis ProducTrak, the enterprise gets the real-time data it needs for effective management. This unique system tells the what, when and where a product was sent, omitting the guesswork and reporting inaccuracies in the process. This consistent, granular data is the key to providing a true picture of product movement throughout the extended supply network and is the basis for the ProducTrak solution suite.

Acsis ProducTrak applications are powered by the Acsis VisiTrak® foundation, that can be configured to post to ERP either in real-time or on task completion, plus, it can also keep production going in the event of an ERP outage. With the ability to interface wirelessly and through the Web, the Acsis VisiTrak foundation allows unlimited connectivity with in-house data collection devices, as well as with outsourced operations worldwide using a standard Web browser (such as a smart phone).

"For more than 15 years, Acsis, Inc. has been at the forefront in delivering end-to-end supply chain visibility, allowing manufacturers to track products from the raw material to the retailer, or dispensing site," said Neil Thall, the company's CEO and President. "A 2015 government mandate requires pharmaceutical companies and its supply chains to identify and track products at the item level, with the possibility that food, chemical and most consumer products would not be far behind. Acsis ProducTrak not only meets the government's requirements, but exceeds them by providing the necessary data to identify products at any given time in the supply chain.

"In addition, our new cloud-based strategy enhances the ability to track and report on all supply chain activities and events from any location for a complete end-to-end visibility solution," Thall continued. "Any company that invests in our system is getting a built-in safety net and will be ready for these changes now, rather than at the 11th hour, as well as having an extensible foundation for future business requirements."

The ProducTrak suite includes:
• ProducTrak Asset Management - Tracks enterprise-owned reusable devices or containers wherever they may be in the supply chain. Manages service life issues, deposits, rentals and purchases to optimize asset-turn.
• ProducTrak Mobile - ProducTrak Mobile is an application that connects any number of mobile handheld computers to the VisiTrak foundation layer, which passes on to the handhelds task instructions received from the ERP system. At the management level, ProducTrak Mobile displays transactions in real-time on KPI-style dashboards. ProducTrak Mobile is compatible with most currently offered mobile handhelds.
• ProducTrak SPDM (Serialized Packaging Data Management) - Intended primarily for life sciences industries subject to mandatory compliance and e-Pedigree regulations. SPDM manages the packaging, labeling and movement of serialized (and non-serialized) product throughout manufacturing and distribution, including outsourced operations.
• ProducTrak Rework - a set of specialized transactions to manage the repacking of serialized and non-serialized products and tracks the packaging genealogy, or parent-child relationships, throughout the distribution network.
• ProducTrak Parcel Pack - Allows the user to select any mix of serialized and non-serialized products for shipment, weighing, labeling and providing all of the required shipping information them right there on the spot - all as directed and validated by the ERP system.
• ProducTrak Partner Management - A Web-based, bi-directional framework enabling collaboration with external suppliers, contract manufacturers, packagers, distributors and third party logistics providers.

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