Software Toolbox Enhances TOP Server HMI Connectivity Software; Expands ControlLogix Support

March 12, 2012
Software Toolbox announced the release of TOP Server Version 5.8, its OPC and native HMI device connectivity software application offering more than 125 different device drivers.

Powered by Kepware, TOP Server 5.8 delivers new drivers, enhancements to the main server and more than 24 drivers and plug-ins.

TOP Server Version 5.8 adds the new ControlLogix Slave Ethernet driver to the powerful Allen-Bradley Suite of communications drivers. The ControlLogix Slave Ethernet driver provides an alternative method of connectivity for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLCs, simulating a ControlLogix 5000 series rack containing a single EtherNet/IP module and up to 16 ControlLogix CPUs. Rather than TOP Server sending poll requests for data to ControlLogix PLCs, those ControlLogix controllers can now be configured to automatically send value updates, which is a very efficient method of communications.

TOP Server 5.8 also provides updated firmware revision support for the ControlLogix Ethernet driver. TOP Server now supports ControlLogix firmware revisions up through Revision 20, ensuring compatibility with the latest ControlLogix CPUs and programming functionality.

“Maintaining compatibility with the latest automation controller revisions is an important part of the TOP Server release schedule each year,” said Kevin Rutherford, brand manager at Software Toolbox. “With updated revision support added to drivers such as the ControlLogix Ethernet driver as needed in each release, our users can rely on TOP Server as they seek to maintain the latest technology in their enterprises.”

Additional improvements in TOP Server Version 5.8 include:

  • Enhanced User Management – Updated user management settings provide more specific options for restricting user access to specific functionality.
  • Improved Communications Diagnostics – Communications diagnostics are available separately for each configured device for most drivers, providing increased usefulness during troubleshooting.
  • Updated Event Log Management – Server event log handling has been improved to allow longer term event log file persistence and management.
  • Other Driver Updates – Expanded functionality and improvements made to the ControlLogix Ethernet, Allen-Bradley DataHighway, Beckhoff TwinCAT Ethernet, Bristol/IP Driver, Fisher ROC Suite, Modbus Suite drivers, Torque Tool Ethernet, SNMP, and Yokogawa Suite drivers, as well as other enhancements.  For full details of updates and enhancements in TOP Server V5.8, please view the release notes.

TOP Server 5.8 is available for download or as an upgrade for users with active support and maintenance contracts at

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