10 Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid at All Costs

March 9, 2012
Enrique P. Fiallo, author, speaker, and blogger on purposeful leadership, wrote a “guest post” on Michael Hyatt’s blog (http://bit.ly/AbVoxQ). Check out the page for the complete post. Here is a summary of his Ten Mistakes.
  1. Pride and Arrogance. The downfall of many leaders is their early successes begin to inflate their egos.
  2. Negative Influences. Tune in to the voices of value and tune the others out.
  3. Lacking Integrity. There are many things you can lack and still steer clear of danger. Integrity isn’t one of them.
  4. Majoring in Minor Things. You cannot be successful in the long run, being 10 miles wide and an inch deep.
  5. Avoiding. If there are things that you can do, and should do, then do them.
  6. Lacking Values. Core values are principles without which life (or business) wouldn’t be worth living.
  7. Blindly Trusting People. Former President Ronald Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”
  8. Spin Doctoring. Many corporate PR departments teach executives to provide carefully crafted answers to questions to conceal the true facts. Present the facts, tell the truth, communicate the complete story and let the chips fall where they may.
  9. Short-Cutting. The ethical, values-based and successful leader understands the law of the farm.
  10. Short-Term Focus. Don’t cannibalize future results to satisfy the present quarter.

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