Leadership Assessment Inventory

March 9, 2012
The following checklist provides an overview of the characteristics and behaviors that help shape successful leaders.

Personal Attributes

  • Self-motivated and self-directing
  • Firm sense of purpose and commitment
  • Guided by a clear set of values
  • Trustworthy
  • Continually learning, developing and expanding
  • Person of integrity and credibility
  • Able to attract the respect and admonition of a diversity of individuals
  • Takes time to build personal relationships
  • Able to disagree without creating hostility
  • Responds effectively under pressure
  • Uses humor and wit appropriately
  • Capable of maintaining loyalty


  • Ability to establish and hold a vision of the future
  • Ability to inspire a willingness and desire among others to reach a common goal
  • Ability to shape and champion an idea until it takes usable form
  • Actively involves other people
  • Seeks out and accepts criticism
  • Can envision a new reality and aid in its translation into concrete terms
  • Can make things happen

Creating Vision

  • Ability to focus on critical issues
  • Ability to think beyond the daily routine
  • Sees a greater vision that ties day-to-day activities to future goals
  • Thinks strategically
  • Accepts responsibility for setting direction
  • Motivates and inspires others to align with the vision

Team Development

  • Creates an environment of trust among team members
  • Actively involves the team in formulating goals and objectives
  • Actively involves the team in key decisions
  • Promotes a win-win approach to conflict resolution
  • Effectively delegates
  • Develops future leaders


  • Makes decisions and acts according to the organization’s value system
  • Serves as the focal for translating organizational values into reality


  • Understands the external environment as it relates to the organization
  • Understands the needs and demands of customers
  • Understands the strengths and weaknesses of the team and the organization
  • Ability to abandon or change a strategy when circumstances dictate


  • Ability to present clear and concise thoughts and ideas in a way that allows the organization to focus on the essential issues
  • A good listener
  • Communicates in the language of the receiver
  • Makes clear his or her position on key issues
  • “Walks the talk” — actions are consistent with words
  • Conducts effective and efficient meetings


  • Treats people as the organization’s most important asset
  • Treats people with dignity and respect
  • Effective in linking the needs of the individual to the needs of the organization
  • Brings out the best in people—lifts them to higher levels


  • Identifies key areas that will ensure successful results (critical success factors)
  • Collects and organizes data to support critical success factors
  • Sees the interrelationship of a complex situation and can perceive each part of the whole in a clear concise manner
  • Deals with problems in proportion to their organizational importance
  • Evaluates progress against plans and takes corrective action to achieve desired results

Source: Bruce Boyd, president and chief executive officer of Amos Press

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