Versatile Vision Sensor

March 22, 2012
The IV Vision Sensor combines some of the functionality of machine vision and traditional sensors in a single system that can be used on a wide range of presence detection applications.

Features include quick setup (about one minute using "Easy Navigation" software), automatic focus, automatic one-touch brightness adjustment, high-performance quad lens and Hi-R illumination, output adjustment, remote operation, a statistics function and a pattern tool for stable detection. An Auto Tuning function enables automatic optimization of threshold and parameters to further simplify and reduce setup time. Standard equipment including high-intensity illumination, high-performance lenses, and a selection of eight different sensor heads enables sharp, clear, stable images. The camera selection includes close, medium and long range models to suit application requirements. The unit complies with the IP67 enclosure rating, which is based on IEC/JIS standards. It can be used safely in dusty or wet environments. Suggested applications are in semiconductor, electrical, electronics, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and a broad range of other manufacturing industries.
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