WLAN Security and Performance Monitoring Software

May 1, 2012
The new version changes the cost model for dedicated monitoring of wireless LANs.

AirMagnet Enterprise version 10 offers a Software Sensor Agent (SSA) that allows the use of both software and hardware sensors to optimize cost, deployment and security monitoring needs, making it possible to turn any Windows-PC into a software-based WLAN sensor. It lets network professionals choose between standard hardware sensors, which are the core technology for monitoring WLANs, and a less costly software alternative for multi-site healthcare, retail and concession operations needing basic PCI or HIPAA compliance monitoring. The new version also features a new management screen that provides a consolidated view of all data and controls to simplify investigation and containment of rogue devices. It also features Automated Health Check (AHC) capability for monitoring WLAN network health from the end-user device all the way to the cloud. Network professionals can now pinpoint root cause issues, such as wireless authentication failures, download speed degradation and application system outages, before they impact the organization.

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