Ethernet Auto-Tester

April 17, 2012
LinkRunner AT tests Ethernet connectivity quickly and simply.

The auto-tester performs six essential connectivity tests and returns the results to the user in less than 10 seconds with one touch of a button. The tests include continuity, link/speed/duplex, DHCP and DNS server availability and performance, key resource connectivity through TCP port open or ping, nearest switch and port identification and Power over Ethernet (PoE) performance (with TruePower line loading technology). The unit features a full-color 1/4 VGA display and can store up to 50 test results for documentation of results and escalation of issues to other teams. In addition, it offers a profile function that allows any organizations to create a custom testing methodology with a variety of tests, and standardizes those tests as one or more profiles on a single tester (or fleet of testers) for more consistent results.

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