New Networking Option for Automation Controller

June 7, 2012
Modbus RS-485 multi-drop support has been added as a standard feature.

The Model 5300 Automation Controller supports RS-485 in master or slave configurations; it can also fill master and slave roles concurrently for two or more connected networks. Users can run a different protocol off of each port on the unit, with TCP, RS-485 and RS-232 all supported, serving as a bridge between different protocols. The unit is a high performance programmable automation controller designed for industrial discrete and process control applications, combining functions of a PLC, motion controller and PC into a DIN rail mountable package. It can be used in a stand-alone configuration or it can be easily networked via its serial and LAN connections. The built-in web server makes Internet or intranet access fast and easy. The unit supports up to 512 I/O points and up to 16 axes of motion control.

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