Direct Drive Motors for Precision Motion

Aug. 1, 2012
Extended line of slotless, frameless direct drive motors are designed for smooth motion at sub-micron levels.

As manufacturers increasingly focus on generating less waste, higher quality and faster throughput, precision in the production process becomes the name of the game. To meet this growing industry need for higher levels of precision in automated applications, direct drive motors are finding their way into an increasing number of automated systems.

One example of the motor industry’s response to this demand can be seen in Applimotion’s (Loomis, CA) introduction of new models for its UTS slotless, frameless direct drive motors. The new model introductions have expanded Applimotion’s product range to now include diameter sizes ranging from 12 mm to 300 mm. 

Applimotion’s slotless motor product line is reportedly designed for delivering smooth motion when used for imaging or positioning components at sub-micron levels. The motors are said to be capable of such smooth motion due to zero cogging and sinusoidal torque curves. Applimotion claims the electromagnetic rotation of the motors is at its smoothest when integrated with a servo control system using high-resolution encoder and sinusoidal current control amplifier.  

For those of you designing automation systems, Applimotion points out that the large through holes and thin radial cross-section of its frameless direct drive kits can be easily integrated into your gimbal, rotary stage or automation platform. The company’s direct drive motor assemblies include precision bearings and high resolution encoders.