Industrial Joystick Has Water Tight Disconnect

Nov. 9, 2012
CTI Electronics expands its line of world class industrial motion controllers with the M20UxT-Nx-7P Series.

CTI Electronics expands its line of world class industrial motion controllers with the M20UxT-Nx-7P Series.  It’s designed for interoperability with Windows® Operating System, Mac OS X®, or Linux OS using a standard USB HID-Compliant communication protocol.  This industrial motion controller has a NEMA 4X (IP66) water tight disconnect USB cable that is easily removable if damaged in a rugged indoor/outdoor application.  The molded USB cable is durable, high impact resistant, and shielded to protect against EMI/RFI signals.

The plug-n-play hand-held M20UxT-Nx-7P Series USB motion controller is offered in a stain resistant stainless steel enclosure (4.21" x 3.06" x 1.53"). It’s designed for many years of service and comes with a one (1) year warranty and five (5) year repair policy.  Military, Marine, Industrial, and Aerospace applications will benefit from the ten (10) joystick knobs with single, dual or three axes of control plus three to five buttons of additional control functionality.  It’s USB HID-Compliant communication protocol allows the Software Application Developer  to access the absolute position of the joystick and switch logic levels through the standard USB HID Driver application programming interface.  This is a future safe investment against computer hardware or operating system upgrades.  The 10 foot USB cable has a NEMA 4 (IP66) plug protecting against liquid or solid debris contaminants and allows for quick disconnect, cleaning, and storage of the cable.

Long-term durability, 10+ million cycles, of these motion controllers is achieved with the use of hard gold plated contacts for the industrial switches and a non-contacting inductive joystick which guarantees "no drifting". The switches’ molded silicone rubber is Syn-Proof™ coated to protect against harsh chemicals, bacteria, and synthetic oils.  Thus, lowering overall maintenance costs and increasing the return on investment.

Typical usage includes Aviation Aircraft Flight Control Vehicles, Flight Simulators, Marine Underwater Unmanned Vehicles, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera Systems, Robotic Manufacturing Equipment, Land Mobile Surveillance Vehicles, etc.

In addition, CTI also offers an anodized aluminum M2000 holder for convenient placement and storage of the M20UxT-Nx-7P series Motion Controller. The aluminum holder has pre-drilled holes for simple screw mounting alongside any machine, panel, or cabinet.

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