Polycarbonate Type 4X Enclosures With Stainless Steel Latch

Nov. 12, 2012
Pentair Technical Products announces the Hoffman brand rugged Type 4X hinged-cover polycarbonate enclosures with stainless steel latches.

Pentair Technical Products announces the Hoffman brand rugged Type 4X hinged-cover polycarbonate enclosures with stainless steel latches. Featuring durable, light gray polycarbonate, integrated molded hinges for secure cover attachment and stainless steel hinge pins for chemical and corrosion resistance, these non-metallic enclosures provide reliable protection for sensitive electrical and electronic components.

Designed to withstand harsh environments, Hoffman’s polycarbonate enclosures are corrosion resistant and feature quick-release stainless steel latches. A drip shield, located at the top and bottom of the enclosure body, effectively protects the gasket area from dust and water ingress when installed in either left or right hand hinge applications. For enhanced protection, enclosures are equipped with a molded-in padlocking feature, which provides wire tie and lockout capabilities while allowing operators to easily open the well-sealed cover.

“Offering a rugged design and enhanced environmental performance, polycarbonate enclosures provide our customers a cost-efficient alternative solution for corrosion resistant applications,” said Garrett Potvin, Product Manager, Pentair Technical Products. “Their inherent durability minimizes maintenance and replacement costs, resulting in a lower overall total cost of ownership while maximizing electronic protection capabilities.”

Polycarbonate enclosures offer superior protection through the following features:

  • Durable, lightweight polycarbonate construction is chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Integrated molded hinges
  • Foam-in-place gasket provides protection against dust and water
  • Easy modification with standard hand tools
  • Eco-friendly polycarbonate can be recycled and reused
  • Stainless steel wall-mounting provisions provided

To comply with industry standards, polycarbonate enclosures are UL 508A Listed for industrial control enclosures use and IP66/UL Type 4X rated for use in corrosive environments and demanding applications, including water and wastewater, industrial automation and wireless communications.

To learn more about polycarbonate enclosures, visit: www.hoffmanonline.com

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