Embedded Communication Solutions Line Expands

Nov. 12, 2012
High performance, real-time industrial Ethernet and multiple form factors (chips, bricks and modules) are key elements of the expanded Anybus CompactCom offering.

The new generation provides device manufacturers with full solution flexibility and the possibility to choose their level of integration to the host device and the desired performance level. The line consists of ready-made communication interfaces for all major fieldbus and industrial Ethernet networks in several form factors: CompactCom Chip, a full network connectivity solution on a single chip for integration into the user's PCB design; CompactCom Brick, for users who have limited space or want to add their own choice of network connectors; and CompactCom Module, a complete and interchangeable communication module that gives the fastest time to market. New to the line is the CompactCom 40-series based on the new NP40 network processor. This series is aimed mainly at high-performance industrial communication for demanding applications, offering practically zero delay between the device and the network.

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