How to Assess Change Management Software

March 26, 2013
To ensure you find the right tools for tracking changes to your automation software, be sure you’re able to get these questions answered:

• How will the software tell you that the system you installed six months ago is the same one that you’re looking at now?

• Is the project configuration a centralized database or hundreds of files with no built-in ties, other than being in the same folder?

• Is there any project metadata information related with version or software tools embedded in the configuration?

• Does the programming language allow two libraries from different versions to coexist (such as .NET applications allow), or it is still using the Windows 32 APIs with the DLL hell problem?

• Is there any built-in feature to allow tracking the project version and changes on its configuration?

• Does the format for saving the configuration follow an open standard to allow evolution or migration of those settings, or is it a proprietary, closed system?

• How easy is it to edit, save and run different versions of the project configuration side by side?

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