One Approach to Code Change Tracking

March 26, 2013
FactoryStudio from Tatsoft is industrial SCADA programming software with change-control functions built in. Here’s a screen-by-screen look at what it does.

Project selection. Each individual automation project (represented by a picture, above) has built-in information about the project version and the product used to create it. This enables the system to manage the versions in an automated way.

Info-Track-Tables. This built-in feature (below) keeps track of which pieces of the project have been modified since the last publishing or last build-label-applied step.

Info-Track-Changes. This tab lists when the software automatically registered each object modified by each user.

Info-Devices-Nodes. In this example, the Channels tab shows that the whole project configuration table has, built into each row, its own control on the data created and the date it was modified.

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