Electronic Measuring Instruments

June 11, 2013
EMpro measuring devices detect, monitor and analyze electrical characteristics, such as voltage, current, power, consumption, harmonics and network asymmetries, of machines and systems.

The data can help engineers make informed decisions about the energy consumption and energy quality of their system. This can lower electrical costs, minimize downtime and reduce harmonic disturbances that can harm sensitive equipment. The devices work as stand-alone units or can be integrated into an energy management system with plug-in expansion modules, allowing information from the devices to be passed to a control center where the information can be visualized and evaluated. Network communication interfaces include Ethernet, RS-485 and PROFIBUS DP. In addition, the devices can be accessed locally, right on the device, thanks to the push-button configuration navigation menu on the front. They also allow on-site setup and configuration, which means system measurement parameters can be set up and changed on the fly. Additionally, information can be collected locally as part of routine maintenance checks. Two front-panel mount versions are available: EEM-MA600 and EEM-MA400. Two separate devices are available for DIN rails, EEM-MA250 and EEM-MA200. Each device provides a unique set of features, making it easy for the user to select the module that meets the needs of the individual task.

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