ifm Introduces the OI Series Photoelectric Sensors

June 27, 2013
ifm introduces the new OI Series Photoelectric Sensor line for position sensing in a variety of industrial automation applications.

ifm introduces the new OI Series Photoelectric Sensor line for position sensing in a variety of industrial automation applications. The compact sensor is simple to setup using ifm’s multi-turn potentiometer technology. To establish a switchpoint, a user measures the distance from the sensor to the target, adjusts the multi-turn potentiometer to the required distance and connects power. The innovative potentiometer lets a user know exactly the switchpoint distance which correlates to the number on the display (#1 = 1mm; #2 = 200mm, etc…) The OI provides an accurate linear switchpoint setting that is proportional to the number of turns. No power is required for simple bench setup.

ifm’s OI compact all-metal housing can easily replace standard 30mm mount rectangular photoelectrics. The sensor’s durable housing makes it ideal for harsh automation applications including material handling, automotive, packaging, steel, wood processing, and pulp and paper. The housing is so mechanically robust that a protective bracket is not necessary which reduces total install costs in both material and time.

The OI Series sensor offers reliable optical performance independent of target color. Diffuse background suppression models with multi-turn potentiometers offer a sensing range from 50...800 mm with a light on output, PNP or NPN. Fixed range models include diffuse background suppression with a sensing range from 25...600 mm and a light on output, PNP or NPN; and polarized retroreflective models with a sensing range up to 15 meters when using a 80mm diameter reflector with a dark on or light on output, PNP or NPN.

The 10…30 VDC units have a protection rating of IP67, an operating temperature of -30…140°F (-25…60°C) and two LEDs that indicate power and output. List price for the OI Series Photoelectric Sensors is $86.00 (US).

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