Hammerhead Industries: Safety Gear for Your Safety Gear

July 9, 2013
In the unfortunate event of a fall, a fall-arrest harness will protect the worker, but as his hardhat continues the descent, a fall-arrest harness won’t protect the work site or others on the ground.

A new product from Ventura, Calif.-based Hammerhead Industries offers safety gear for your safety gear in the form of a retractable hardhat lanyard.

Retailing for $14.99, the Gear Keeper RT5-5601 Hardhat Lanyard Retention System can keep a dropped hardhat from becoming a "one-pound unguided missile that endangers the entire worksite,” says Hammerhead Industries vice president John Salentine. “And when it’s time to break for lunch, the Gear Keeper hardhat lanyard allows the worker to take off his hardhat and drape it over his shoulder for safekeeping.”

The load-tested lanyard attaches with Velcro straps to the fall protection harness strap, ring or tri-bar and is designed to stay close to the body to avoid discomfort and entanglement. The industrial-grade spectra/nylon line extends up to 14 inches while “a gentle 2.5 oz. retraction force takes up any unused slack,” says Salentine. Gear Keeper’s patented Quick Connect System lets the hardhat to be easily disconnected at the end of a shift without completely removing the lanyard’s base.

To find a dealer or more information about the company’s other tethering products and accessories for tools, gear and instruments, visit www.gearkeeper.com/guide.