CANopen encoders with through hollow shaft up to 15 mm

July 15, 2013
Kübler: CANopen Encoders with Through Hollow Shaft

Sendix F5868 and F5888 encoders complement the company's F multiturn family of products with robust high-resolution CANopen encoders with a through hollow shaft up to 15 mm, for a compact size of only 58 mm.

This through hollow shaft leaves, for example on drives, many possibilities for other motor options located behind the encoder. These gearless optical encoders are based on the company's patented Intelligent-Scan-Technology. Besides many other CANopen functionalities, this encoder also features a Universal Scaling Function (USF).

The Kübler Sendix F5868 and F5888 encoders support the latest CANopen communication profile in compliance with DS 301 V4.2  Typical applications may be found in the Mobile Automation sector, such as for measuring the rotation angle of booms or upper structures mounted on vehicles, but these encoders can be used in any application with CANopen communication.

The USF function prevents the occurrence of an error at the end of the physical resolution of an encoder when a scale factor is active. This way, no measuring error can occur in cases of endless boom rotation in both directions.

The complete integration of the singleturn and multiturn functionality on an OptoASIC makes this encoder 100 percent insensitive to magnetic fields. With its multiturn and singleturn resolution of 16 bits each, this encoder reaches a high total resolution of up to 32 bits, ensuring its compatibility with the CANopen profile. .

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