IXXAT: Wireless CAN Communication Module

Oct. 11, 2013
CANblue II acts as a universal bridge, gateway, and PC interface for the wireless networking of CAN components and systems.

The newest version provides three modes that adapt data communications to the specific application in terms of latency, data throughput, and fault tolerance. In SHORTEST_LATENCY mode, latency times averaging 4 ms can be achieved, while QUICKEST_CONNECTION mode permits secure data transmission even in CAN systems running at 1 Mbps and 100% bus load. A typical application is the wireless connection of CAN segments via Bluetooth and wireless system access using a notebook or handheld service unit. However, areas where an extremely reliable connection is required, such as the networking of rotating or mobile system parts, can also be implemented. Used as a bridge, the unit transmits data transparently over the secure Bluetooth connection. In addition to pure CAN applications, this permits applications to be implemented using higher protocols (CANopen, DeviceNet, SAE J1939) and user-specific protocols. For use on the PC a Windows driver is available. Applications based on other operating systems (e.g. Android, Linux, INtime, QNX) or 1/2 customer-specific hardware can be implemented using an open ASCII protocol. There is also an Android sample implementation available.

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