PHD Releases New Parallel Pneumatic Gripper

Nov. 2, 2013
PHD, Inc., a manufacturer of actuators for industrial automation, introduces a new series of parallel pneumatic grippers.
PHD, Inc., a manufacturer of actuators for industrial automation, introduces a new series of parallel pneumatic grippers. 
Series GRH Parallel Pneumatic Grippers are available in four sizes that provide long jaw travel while accommodating long tooling lengths. Their design incorporates an extended support guide system with wide slot jaws to minimize tooling deflection, support large moment capacities, and provide side load stability. A dual bore provides higher total grip force, and low breakaway pressure allows for gripping of a wide variety of part sizes, including delicate parts. 
Series GRH Grippers feature a hard-coated aluminum body for corrosion-resistance, making them suitable for harsh environments. They have total jaw travels up to 125 mm (4.921 in) that allow for gripping of larger and multiple sized parts as well as encapsulated tooling. Large moment capacities provide for a wide variety of applications, and their low profile reduces moments for robots. Series GRH Grippers have many industry and process uses including: 
•  Plastic molding - blow and injection 
•  Vehicular lighting and trim 
•  Machine tool integrators 
•  Assembly machine builders 
•  Medical devices 
•  Pharmaceutical/Biotech 
•  Robotics integrators 
•  Bearing manufacturers 
Other benefits include manifold porting, multiple mounting locations, H-9 tolerance dowel pin holes, integrated shock pads, and multi-position sensors for analog feedback. 
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