Redline Communications: High-Speed Wireless System for Industrial SCADA

Jan. 11, 2014
The Redline Transport Gateway Connect is a family of wireless networking products designed to securely connect industrial SCADA systems.

The networking system makes possible high-speed wireless communications between serial and TCP/IP based SCADA field devices and a remote control center. High-speed connectivity allows true real-time data collection from and control of devices such as PLCs, RTUs, natural gas meters and pump controllers. The data is then delivered at high speed over the company's distributed wireless broadband backbone to and from the SCADA host system, which can be hundreds of miles away. The system is FIPS 140-2 compliant, incorporating military-grade cyber security with AES encryption and secure remote management. The unit itself is contained in an IP68 certified enclosure that ensures operation at temperature ranges from -40 to +75 °C (-40 to +167 °F). Built on the company's Universal Wireless Transport platform, it operates over any wireless frequency between 470 MHz and 5.8 GHz, allowing companies to build the optimal network for any terrain, environment, distance and spectrum availability. The software defined radio enables over-the-air configuration, allowing users to remotely configure and upgrade the system from its base 2 Mbps to higher data rates, ensuring that network capacity grows as needed when more devices are added or when scan times to end devices must be increased.

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Redline Communications