Leine & Linde Offers Draw Wire Units Covering up to 30 Meters

March 19, 2014
Leine & Linde WDS series draw-wire length measurement units provide up to 30 meters of cost effective position data for lifts, factory doors, hoists and gantry systems.

The WDS draw-wire unit has a robust and compact design that can be used with either absolute or incremental rotary encoders. The simple and flexible encoder mounting attaches to any encoder with 6mm shaft and 50mm synchro dimensions (typified by the Leine & Linde type 63 flange).

WDS draw-wire units have measuring lengths ranging from 2.5 to 15m with better than 0.02% full scale linearity. When coupled to a 13bit multi-turn absolute encoder, the entire measuring range can be covered with a resolution of approximately 0.024mm (0.001"). This WDS draw-wire unit allows configuration with any encoder resolution, an advantage over competitive products. Extension forces are low at between 10 and 25N depending upon measuring length.

The anodized Aluminium housing and polyamide-coated stainless steel draw-wire makes it suitable for use in severe environments. Operating temperature ranges from -20 °C to. +80 °C. Environmental Protection ratings up to IP67 are available depending upon the encoder configuration chosen.

When used along with Leine & Linde encoders, absolute position can be provided over Profibus, Profinet, DRIVE-CLiQ, SSI, EnDat, CanOpen and parallel interfaces.

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