Industrial Automation 2014 Forum

July 8, 2014
Sept.30 - Oct.1, Stuttgart, Germany

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The FDT Group and M&M Software invite you to the Industrial Automation 2014 Forum on September 30 and October 1 in Stuttgart, Germany. This event will cover topics from the entire industrial automation sector. Therefore, the central theme of this event is “the future of automation”.
Many of the ideas, concepts and technology strategies that hide behind Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and Smart Factory have already been evaluated, tested and partially used today. A major goal of this movement is the development of intelligent production processes and systems as well as the interconnectedness of all components of a production facility, forming a Smart Factory. To achieve this, all components and systems must be part of the whole.
FDT is a standard with great potential, which allows for the integration of field devices into information technology systems. Industry 4.0 also calls for fundamental and holistic approaches. For example, it is essential to secure networks on various system levels, plan future use of mobile devices over wireless networks and the cloud, consider machine safety and use intelligent software concepts.
Let us shape the future of the automation industry together.
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