Zigbee Alliance Technology

Aug. 28, 2014
Wireless data communication involves transmitting data without hard wired transmission lines.

Wireless data communication involves transmitting data without hard wired transmission lines. Wireless data communication signals can be strengthened or repeated to improve signal quality and can increase communication distance with repeaters or antennas. Signal repeaters can provide isolation and can extend the communication transmission beyond standard communication distances. Zigbee wireless operates in the 2.4GHz frequency and is a low cost and low power wireless standard. Zigbee is popular in many industries including home and building automation, smart energy, medical and health and fitness. The ZigBee Alliance published a standard that groups of companies can conform to so their products can be used together, similar to commonly used Wi-Fi devices.

The typical transmission distance for RS-485 and RS-232 to wireless zigbee devices like ZT-2550 and ZT-2551 is 700 meters line of sight. ZT-2550 zigbee host coordinators can allow zigbee end devices or serial devices to communicate wirelessly. They are low powered digital radios that conform to the ZigBee Alliance standard and can be used with other vendors zigbee products that also conform to the standard. ZT converters have RS-232 and RS-485 communication ports, are compact in size, are made of fire retardant materials and can operate between -25 to 75 degrees celcius. They have omnidirectional antennas so they emit radio wave power uniformly in all directions. They can communicate with other zigbee devices in a mesh network. They are configured with a software utility that can set their RF channel, PAN ID and Node ID. There are 16 different RF channels to choose from and 16384 PAN ID’s.

Devices that communicate over zigbee networks can be end devices like control devices or data acquisition equipment. The end device equipment can communicate with a host device through converters like ZT-2550 and ZT-2551 converters. The end devices themselves can also be wireless zigbee devices like thermostats or lighting control modules. The ZigBee Alliance enables flexibility and versatility of wireless mesh networks through allowing different vendors devices to work together. Zigbee repeaters can help to extend communication distances and improve signal quality.

Zigbee wireless data communication equipment can help improve signal quality, expand existing systems and enable wireless control and monitoring application implementation across many different industries.

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