Device Manufacturers Can Breathe Easy with Quick Conversion - From EDD Files to Customized iDTMs

Oct. 7, 2014
One major challenge for a device manufacturer is to provide devices that can be easily operated, configured and diagnosed in a uniform way with complete functionality.

The CodeWrights iDTM-EDD ME (interpreter DTM Manufacturer Edition) offers a suitable solution by interpreting your EDDs by simply “injecting” them into the iDTM.

If you already employ EDD enhancements, the iDTM supports also their display as Group boxes, GRAPHs, CHARTs and WAVEFORMs. When the EDD hits the functional barrier, the graphical displays and/or saving/retrieving functions can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the DTM, as so called Extension Modules. The DTM end user will face the same parameters and similar GUI as in Emerson AMS® and other EDD tools. Users will receive a tested end product (an executable DTM setup) which can be directly used and delivered. Furthermore, if you add more devices, the iDTM concept is extensible. It is simple, fast, requires no effort from your side, trimming your development costs. To convince yourself, just ask CodeWrights for an offer!

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