Generic HART DTM Works in Four Dimensions

Oct. 7, 2014
Easy to Use DTM provide versatility for applications, communications and configuration.

Everybody likes to use an easy-to-use Device Type Manager (DTM) that supports all basic functions of all HART field devices. It should be as usable as apps that accompany us on our smart phones. The DTMs support us, solving certain tasks in different environments while also bringing the ability to reconfigure them as needed.

Generic HART DTM has been used for more than 12 years worldwide. Many suggestions of our customers were implemented during several releases. This resulted in many ease-of-use improvements. Release 6 now meets the requirements in the following 4 dimensions:

1. Application

- Does a control valve need maintenance?

The NAMUR state display of the DTM gives you a hint.

- Which liquid level do I have in my tank, at what temperature?

Main variables of each device are shown in a bar graph.

- Are there occasional disturbances in the flow?

Use Generic HART DTM as data logger.

- Are limit values to be adjusted during commissioning?

The right parameter value and unit can be easily set.

- A loop test has to be executed regularly?

Calibration of devices can be easily conducted.

2. Communication

Have old and new devices collected in your plant over the years?
Generic HART DTM works with all HART protocol variants 5, 6 and 7 and all sub variants. The user interface is adapted automatically to the given protocol release.

If you do remote maintenance in a plant located in China, does your local partner cope with an English user interface? Let the user in the plant follow your instructions in his own language! In addition to Chinese, the Generic HART DTM today supports German, English, French and Portuguese. Additional languages can easily be added using our special DTM editor.

3. Configuration

Do you perform commissioning tasks in plants as a service provider?
Insert all project data in the DTM to document your work. Then it is clear for you and your customer who executed a given task, when it was executed and what the result was.

It is annoying to select the same function in a DTM context menu again and again. On mobile devices, this leads sometimes to incorrect operations. The standard function (called by double click in the project tree) can be configured, while four additional functions can be called immediately on the parameter page.

4. Usage

Tools like PACTware are used on laptops and PCs today. However, mobile devices like tablets are more and more used during maintenance. The user interface of the DTM can be adjusted for safer operation.

Generic HART DTM can be used with modems or in communication structures containing remote I/O devices or multiplexers. Using the DTM on all work stations in a plant is admitted by a site license.

Modem, multiplexer and remote I/O system manufacturers deliver their products with a brand labelled Generic HART DTM.

And last but not least, Generic HART DTM is the starting point for developing a new specific HART device DTM.

Learn more about the new release 6.