Horner Automation Group Releases Cscape 9.6

Oct. 31, 2014
Horner Automation Group, a leading global provider of integrated control products and automation solutions, announced the latest upgrade to its Cscape Programmable Logic Controller Software.

Horner Automation Group, a leading global provider of integrated control products and automation solutions, announced the latest upgrade to its Cscape Programmable Logic Controller Software.

Cscape 9.6 combines new and improved editor tools with the ease of use that current Cscape users are accustomed to. The free software combines graphical ladder diagram programming (based on IEC-1131) with operator interface development, completely integrating the control package.

"Cscape 9.6 offers exciting, new value-added functionality and graphics enhancements to our programming tools that will benefit Cscape users. We’ve worked hard to provide our customers with flexible, easy-to-use solutions for existing or new projects," said Phil Horner, President, Horner Automation Group.

Cscape version 9.6 includes audio and video functionality for two of Horner’s most popular controllers, the XL4 and the XL7:

  • Audio Support for the XL7e includes audible alarms for easy operations monitoring and custom .mp3 audio playback, which can be connected to external speakers for event tracking, alarms, messaging, or training.
  • Video Support for the XL4e and XL7e provides users the ability to stream live video from multiple USB cameras, allowing for vision of hard to access areas in the process, for increased quality monitoring, lower setup times, and easier calibration verification. Users can also play .mp4, .mov, .mpg, and, .wmv video files from Flash or microSD storage.

This latest release of Cscape also includes new and improved graphics, which allow for increased customization – perfect for accurate, professional end-user 3D interfaces. New buttons and gauges, along with increased gradient support, allow for polished and modern program screens.

  • Button improvements with 3D style button
  • Transparency in animated text fields
  • Improved range of standard switch icons
  • Gradients for background improvements with the XL4e, XL7e
  • On color units, improved meters and gauges
  • On color units, transparencies in bitmap sensitivity

Additionally, Cscape 9.6 also includes the following improvements:

  • SSL email support
  • Stay connected: get process and data email alerts directly from your connected Horner OCS
  • 127 characters support in ASCII object
  • Simple, easy text entry fields for more on-screen communication
  • Ctrl-Click in the Graphics Editor for selecting multiple objects
  • Save time on programming with the ability to intuitively select and modify multiple objects in GRedit
  • Auto Fill for tags
  • Enhanced tag-based programming functionality for easier programming

>> For more information about Horner’s Cscape Programmable Logic Controller Software, click here

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