Matrikon: Industrial UA Modbus Gateway

Dec. 10, 2014
This gateway provides secure connectivity to access data from RTUs, PLCs or any other devices that use the Modbus data protocol.

As a native Modbus communicator, the gateway can connect to any device that uses the standard Modbus protocol over Serial or Ethernet connections on one side and makes it securely available to OPC UA clients on the other via OPC UA over Ethernet. Unlike Modbus, OPC UA, the next generation of OPC - the de facto standard for open standards based data connectivity - offers all the features Modbus lacks such as: security, reliability, and data modeling. The gateway allows data sharing via UA as a natural next step up from using Modbus. Suggested applications include those with limited power availability in remote conditions, remote or unmanned stations that need data collection, and limited space requiring a compact solution and operation in extreme temperatures and/or dusty environments.

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