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FieldCare 2.10 Provides Universal Device Configuration

FDT-compatible tools simplify integration and network scanning.

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Endress+Hauser’s stand-alone engineering software interface, FieldCare (FDT Frame Application), has been updated to Version 2.10. The new version includes a scan interface of FDT 1.2.1 with an enhancement for configuring Endress+Hauser’s new released Modbus and EtherNet/IP field devices. The scan is further enhanced with “One Touch Network” functionality, which allows a complete network scan with one click. Scanning speed for networks is significantly improved using the PROFIBUS fieldgate SFG500 and its new “Triple-S” (SFG Speed Scan) functionality.

The design of FieldCare was also updated to support smaller form factor devices like tablets. Buttons are larger, icons were updated and all windows are resizable. Additionally, all Comm and Device DTMs now support Windows 8.1 and WinServer 2008 R2. Russian is now supported as new language.

FieldCare supports HART 7 schemas and allows the usage of ling tags, etc. FieldCare includes a Generic HART DTM which enables the configuration of devices without DTMs, such as DD or EDD files. Even more convenient is the inclusion of the iDTM for HART and FF, which enables configuration of devices that don’t provide a native DTM. It’s now possible to configure EDD files with enhancements.

A central focus of the release was to enhance end user, usability. With new and updated options, the user can automate and speed up recurring procedures. Uploading DTM information using PDF or XML format to Endress+Hauser database W@M is faster and the process more simplified. Larger projects can be created based on the improved stability. FieldCare can support plants with up to 20.000 tags.

Endress+Hauser partners Rockwell Automation and Schneider Electric provided some of their DTMs on a FieldCare DVD. Users can access Rockwell's FlexIO family DTMs and Schneiders CommDTMs for Modbus and EtherNet/IP. Also included are the Softing CommDTMs for Siemens Simatic ET200X Remote IOs, e.g. ET200M, ET200iSP and Siemens DP/PA Link.

FieldCare can be extended for Device Configuration Management with the databases W@M portal and W@M enterprise. Asset health of devices, e.g. NE107 status with cause and remedy, is provided when the optional Condition Monitoring module is used.

The FieldCare software package integrates all Endress+Hauser DeviceDTMs for the HART, PROFIBUS, FF, MODBUS and EtherNet/IP protocols allowing the configuration of Endress+Hauser and 3rd party field devices. Additionally, access to Endress+Hauser field devices is possible using specific protocols like CDI.

A free trial version is available starting in June at

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