ITW Pillar Technologies Develops New Induction Sealer Design for High Speed Filling Lines

April 18, 2015
ITW Pillar Technologies, a leading manufacturer of advanced induction cap sealing and surface treatment systems, has developed an advanced cap sealing technology which it says will enable sealing at faster processing speeds

“ITW Pillar Technologies’ new Unifoiler 6000 was developed with high productivity in mind, specifically providing 20-40% greater sealing power than competitive sealing systems. The Unifoiler 6000 was designed exclusively for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care companies that were seeking a single higher speed induction sealing system that featured the sealing power of two standard systems. These industries were also seeking assurance that each and every seal is properly adhered at these higher processing speeds” stated Brad Budde, Sales Manager, ITW Pillar Technologies. “Manufacturers have been searching for this breakthrough in sealing speed, which is the result of innovative power supply technology and a unique sealing coil design”, Budde further commented.

The Unifoiler 6000 system also features a precision coil height indicator, “Quick-Lock” coil attachment, microprocessor control, fully-adjustable power output, auto-start capability, and a stainless steel enclosure. Additional options are also available.

Design Features:

  • Delivers full 6kW of sealing power in one system, rather than multiple systems.
  • Designed to ensure high seal strength for the industry’s highest production/ conveyor line speeds.
  • Precision coil height indicator

Standard System Features:

  • Air-cooled, interchangeable sealing coils
  • “Quick-Lock" coil feature
  • Microprocessor with easy to use control panel
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Fully adjustable output
  • Auto start capability
  • Adjustable loss of seal alarm
  • Customer interlock and run signal

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