Sleek, Slim, and Bright? It's Not Your Average HMI Display...

June 2, 2015
Price, Performance, and Functionality Make the Perfect Trio in Fuji Electric's TECHNOSHOT Series

By now you've heard about Fuji Electric's TECHNOSHOT Series of HMI Displays, which feature an enhanced CPU for faster response times along with the industry's thinnest structure, measuring only 36mm thick. But did you know that this series, which is available in a 7" and 10" screen size, features an eco-friendly LED backlight with a sleek, slim structure?

All models of the TECHNOSHOT Series come standard with two USB interfaces, allowing for better connectivity to peripheral devices. You'll enjoy the convenience of TECHNOSHOT'S simple installation, as well as its remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities due to the on-board Ethernet port.

>> For more information on Fuji Electric's TECHNOSHOT Series, click  here

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