Quick Delivery for Complex, Customized DTMs

July 15, 2015
Development framework shortens development cycle without sacrificing flexibility or functionality

A leading U.S. based process instrument manufacturer wanted to build custom device DTMs that provide customized & complex functionalities, multi-protocol support and a rich and intuitive user interface for their entire range of flow and density devices. Utthunga built, tested, certified and delivered a set of nine complex device DTMs in a short span of 25 weeks using Utthunga’s DTM development framework.

Here’s how Utthunga's DTM framework enables quick DTM development:

- Imported DD source code to generate device parameter, command definition, UI components, method & custom business logic implementation reducing 60% of the effort
- Leveraged DTM framework's robust protocol and communication stack
- Leveraged DTM framework's variable manger stack for protocol-agnostic DTM implementation, ensuring a seamless user experience and reducing the multi-protocol support in DTM by 60%
- FDT style guide module of the framework was vital in ensuring standards conformance of client's custom & rich user interface (screens shown below) components at only 10% effort
- Built-in unit test module of the DTM development framework reduced the testing effort by 50%

Utthunga's DTM development framework let us complete all nine certified FDT-DTMs in 25 weeks while reducing the total development, testing & certification cost by 56%. Utthunga's DTM framework is architected in a modular format for seamless flexibility. The various components include the UI, protocols, generic controls, standards libraries, custom controls, FDT DTM interfaces for FDT 1.2/ 1.2.1 and 2.0 (powered by FDT 2.0 common components). This will help with development of future DTMs and aid in maintenance and enhancements.

"We are excited to work with Utthunga, their DTM development framework can add new protocol support at just 40% of total cost, a DTM for a device with firmware revisions can be done in less than 10%, and a DTM for a new device variant in just 50% of total cost" says the Director of Software Engineering for a leading US process instrument manufacturing company.

Utthunga brings additional benefits to reduce time-to-market & cost by leveraging a hybrid automated DTM testing framework. All critical features of DTMs such as installation, uninstall, update, repair, modify, UI style guide, localization, operating modes, compatibility tests will be tested through the automated DTM testing framework to bring down the testing cost across the DTM lifecycle.

Utthunga's two-pronged approach of framework-based custom DTM development and automated DTM testing ensures guaranteed cost savings and faster time-to-market without compromising quality, performance & reliability.

For more information, please visit: http://www.utthunga.com/content/udtm-dtm-accelerator

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